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Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette Parties

As the maid of honor, there are plenty of important things that you need to remember in the situation of showing support and love to the bride. It is truly an honor to have been selected as the maid of honor, because it means that the bride trusts you more than anyone else to take care of her when she's at her worst, and you will no doubt see the bride at her worst during the wedding process. Even if you and the bride are really familiar with each other and have known each other for a very long time, and you think you have seen her break down really badly before, you've never seen her break down as a bride before. And you are certain to see her break down as a bride-to-be many, many times. However, whatever your situation is there are several things that you, as the maid of honor, need to remember in order to make sure that your good friend, the bride, is stressing out about as few things as possible, and that she only keeps her mind on the things that are really important.

Not only is it your job to ensure that she is stress free during the wedding planning process, and the wedding day itself, but it is also your responsibility to plan some fun events and activities that keep the bride happy and excited about the wedding planning process. These activities can come in many forms including trips to the bar, spa dates, visits to the zoo, and so on, but we all know what event is the most important for the maid of honor to plan -- the bachelorette party.

The bachelorette party is such a vital aspect to the entire wedding process because the bride will be up to her neck in thoughts about the upcoming wedding and will have had very little time to sit back and enjoy herself. Her mind will be busy with thoughts of what her hair will look like on the day of the wedding, and finding a wedding photographer, that she'll be lucky if she even has time to think about having fun. This is where you come in. It is the maid of honor's duty to get the bride's mind off of all of this and give her one last, fun-filled night as an unmarried woman. With that in mind, the bachelorette party should be one of the most exciting and memorable nights of her entire life.

There are several directions that one can go when it comes to planning the bachelorette party, and, with this, there are a whole lot of different ways that one can mess up when it comes to planning the bachelorette party. The very last thing that you want to do is make the bachelorette party go wrong in all of the worst ways, and make the bride feel disappointed and bummed out about the whole experience. But what are you supposed to do? Chances are you've never planned a bachelorette party before, if you've never been a maid of honor before, so it can be difficult knowing how to organize a successful bachelorette party, even if you are extremely familiar with the interests and likes of the bride-to-be. Many people don't realize that there is one major aspect to the bachelorette party planning process that can completely make or break the entire party -- the venue.

The most common way that many bachelorette party planners mess upon the planning of the party is not picking a venue that is fun or well suited for the party. We can not stress enough how important it is that you do not relegate the party to the bride's living room. This is the number one way that many bachelorette party planners mess up on the planning of the event. Why on Earth would anyone host a bachelorette party in the bride's living room? She can spend any day of the year in her living room -- the bachelorette party should be about going out and having fun! Not opening presents and drinking wine on her own couch. You should go out and have a plethora of different activities planned for the party. Now, this might seem like a tall order because of one major issue -- finding the transportation for an event like this. When you have a ton of guests invited to the bachelorette party, it can be difficult getting all of those people around, and on top of that, you'll need several designated drivers. This can result in the entire bachelorette planning process pretty tricky, especially if you have have multiple venues in mind.

This is where party buses come in. A party bus is essentially a single, mobile party venue that is a bunch of different activities and fun events rolled into one awesome package. There are all sorts of different amenities and features that are latent in party buses that will enhance the experience. These features included multi-colored interior lights, state of the art sound system, and built in coolers that keep any kinds of drinks nice and cold. This also means that it is completely legal to drink alcohol on board of a party bus, and without the hassle of assigning a designated driver. We provide a driver for you.

Another remarkable thing about party buses is that every single one of our experienced chauffeurs have great knowledge about all of the best spots in the area, so they know all of the best local bars, casinos, strip clubs, regular clubs, and so on. Even if you aren't sure what do to do, or where to go on this fun-filled night, if you give a call to the party bus office, it will allow you to have a conversation with an experienced and knowledgeable person who has a textbook knowledge of all of the greatest venues and locations to head to for a bachelorette party.

The bachelorette party is such an important aspect of the wedding process, and it is one of the most important things that the maid of honor is responsible for. Don't disappoint the bride who has trusted you with this important task! Go all out and rent a party bus, rolling a bunch of awesome parties into one package!